At Bridges Investment Management, we provide comprehensive investment and wealth management services to a variety of clients, including high-net worth individuals, corporations and nonprofits. We believe first and foremost in transparency and work with you to develop a sustainable strategy.

Investment Management

For decades, we have provided clients with professional investment management services, tailored to meet their individual needs. Services include:

  • Equity and Fixed Income
  • Portfolio Management
  • Investment Policy Development
  • Capital Markets Valuation
  • Asset Allocation
  • Security Analysis and Valuation
  • Risk Management

Strategic Planning

We also offer the unique ability to combine our professional investment management services with strategic planning to identify and develop strategies that help meet your specific goals and objectives. Working with your professional tax and legal advisors, we are able to assist with the following:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate and Legacy Planning
  • Philanthropic Planning and Charitable Giving
  • Tax Planning

Our Approach

The people who directly work on your investments? We believe you deserve direct access to those people. Watch and learn..

How We Work

  1. We identify key client investment objectives and tolerance for risk
  2. We develop investment policy statements that incorporate client objectives and risk tolerance, which govern our management of client portfolio assets, and provide our clients with a road map for their financial future.
  3. We establish long-term target asset allocations that meet client-specific investment objectives at appropriate risk tolerance levels.
  4. We conduct proprietary capital markets and individual security research that provides the foundation for our portfolio management of client assets.
  1. Portfolio management and securities trading – we provide ongoing portfolio management to achieve client investment objectives.
  2. Client communication – we work closely with our clients to help them understand what the key opportunities and risks are as we manage their assets.
  3. Intergenerational planning – we work with our clients to develop estate planning and charitable giving techniques that efficiently transfer wealth between family generations.

How We Work

The first step: learn about you. Learn your exact needs, future plans, dreams and goals. Only then do we apply a powerful investment strategy tailored to you.