Letter from CEO, Ted Bridges

By August 8, 2017News
Ted Bridges, CEO Bridges Trust

I’m very happy to report that on July 31 2017, we closed on our partnership with The McCarthy Group, LLC. As a result, Bridges Investment Management and Bridges Trust Company officially joined forces to create a platform to provide comprehensive, multigenerational trust and wealth management services. We believe that this partnership is important to our clients and our firm for several reasons:


1.) The partnership secures the future of our firm by solidifying the culture, values and sound business operating principles that have contributed to the success of the Bridges organization over the past six decades.


2.) We feel the partnership allows us to scale our service platform significantly and efficiently, so that we can more effectively provide continuous innovation and improvements in trust administration, investment management and client service.


3.) We believe the partnership will allow us to attract and retain outstanding people and invest in technology that will significantly improve our operation and enhance the client experience.


4.) We feel that the partnership will allow our firm to expand our client service capabilities, leverage investment expertise and continue our pattern of growth, while maintaining a commitment to capital preservation, long-term investing and conducting business with integrity.


Through the partnership, we are forming a new entity that will wholly own Bridges Investment Management and Bridges Trust Company. Edson L. Bridges II will serve as co-chairman of the combined organization. I will continue as CEO of the firm and the current Bridges management and client service team will remain in place. Although the structure of our firm has changed, it’s important to note that our core trust, investment management and client service model will not change. We will continue our unyielding focus on earning and maintaining the trust of our clients, through excellent investment management, exceptional client service and the development of long-term relationships that facilitate our ability to meet and exceed our clients’ investment objectives and service requirements.


Our vision is to provide comprehensive trust, family office and wealth management solutions for a growing client base of successful individuals and families, endowments and foundations, business owners, entrepreneurs and corporations for years to come. Our primary focus will be to provide these services for high net worth families, meeting their day-to-day needs in the areas of investment management, trust administration, family foundation management, tax planning, charitable planning and family office services, coordinated with the many professionals engaged in serving our client base. We feel that the partnership will allow us to develop a broad service platform that is currently unavailable to high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals and families in the region and we are truly honored and excited to be able to offer these valuable services to our existing clients and to new clients alike.


We believe the future is very bright for our company as it moves into a new chapter in its history and we are anxious to continue to invest in our business, our technology and our people in order to build the premier investment management, trust and family office enterprise in the region.


We would encourage you to contact us to find out more about the transaction, and how we plan to leverage our platform to enhance and improve the quality, depth and breadth of our services.

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